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Hamer People

Hamars live at the lower Omo River. Hamars originated as mixture of different tribes used to be living there. Women dress is usually very fancy. They are decorated by heavy metal bracelets, coral necklaces and shell wristlets. The traditional dress is made from sheep and goat skin ornamented with cowry shells. . They often use red soil mixed with butter to make hair braids. The richer woman is the more butter she uses. They sometimes wear aluminum shades kalles. Married women wear heavy metal ring as necklace called bignere. Very popular are ringed metal bangles. Men are making chic hairstyles, often decorated by ostrich plume. Every men, anywhere he is going, is wearing small wooden chair, which can be used as both chair and as a pillow. One of the famous ceremonies of the Hamer is the Bull jumping ceremony the boy, this rite of passage for men coming of age must be done before a man is permitted to marry.