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Swayne's Hartebeest

Swayne's HartebeestThe Swayne's hartebeest is one of the fifteen  races of African hartebeest. It is nowadays seriously endangered and is only found in Senkele Game Reserve and Nechisar National Park in Ethiopia. In 1891, Brigadier-General Swayne, was the first European to visit the area and told about ten of thousands of animals living in huge herds. Unfortunately the rinderpest, which swept Africa during the last century, and the Somalis "went out daily and pulled down the sick animals with their bare hands in order to take the hides". Military campaigns followed in which the armed forces were permitted to kill as much game as they wanted. Arms flowed in and in the unsettled conditions which prevailed hunters very efficiently, and in a very short time, had almost succeeded in wiping out the remnants of the Oryx and Hartebeest herds in the area.