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Mountain Nyala

Mountain NyalaThe Mountain Nyala is one of the greatest African antelopes. It looks like a very close relative of the greater kudu, but it has smaller (though by no means insignificant) horns with only one twist. There is still today very little known about its habits or the full extent of its range.

The main protected population is found in the North of Bale National Park, around Dinsho and mount Gaysay. The animal is not as shy as one could fear and you can easily approach him to take some amazing pictures, especially in the mornings and evenings when they come down out the forest to graze. They are breeding prolifically and comparatively large groups of females and young can be seen.

Nyala are a magnificent sight, particularly the old bulls with their fine spiraled horns. Females do not carry horns and they have rather long necks and large ears, which are very conspicuous. The body color of an old male is dark grey, with a line of long hair along the back forming a straggly mane which continues' along the spine as a brown and white crest. Young calves are bright rufous and can be mistaken for bush buck if the mother is not seen. Females are redder that the males, although they tend to become greyer with age. They move in parties or small herds of about five to ten females, and although the really old bulls are solitary and not often seen, young males carrying quite impressive spreads of horns, can sometimes be seen with or near the herds of females and young, and males are sometimes seen in small groups of two or three individuals. The global population is estimated to stand between 2.500 and 5.000 individuals.